P.S. – Mouthwatering Pleasures at Gerstner

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If I had to pick between savory or sweet tastes, I’d definitely go for savory. But there is one food I am addicted to, and it’s not savory: chocolate.

Before stepping on the plane to Vienna I had one fixed thought in my head: C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E  C-A-K-E-S.

Unfortunately Vienna is not particularly lively when it’s later than 18.30, and I missed the feeling of visiting a bakery (konditorei, in German) after dinner… This was until I discovered Gerstner.

Located in Kärtnerstrasse 15, right next to Stephansplatz, there is Gerstner, bakery and coffee lounge open until 20.30.

I had to document myself, but I discovered that the place was founded in 1847 by Anton Gerstner. The pastry shop has ever since been appreciated and renewed among Viennese people, and in 1873 Gerstner even received the honour to be the official Imperial Court’s Cofenctioner.

Gerstner used to cater royals, international conventions, the opera house, and many other honorable places or people. It expanded itself and it is now known as Gerstner Imperial Hospitality Group.

The bakery lounge is adorable, a bit retro in style but very classy.


I am not that of a fruit-cake lover, so I didn’t order neither the Strudel, the typical Austrian dessert, nor the Sachertorte, the most renewed cake from Vienna.

However, my travel companions did, and our table consisted of four different desserts that I had the luck to try.


The Sachertorte is a specialty of Hotel Sacher, near the Opera House, and even though the one they prepared at Gerstner was good, I’m sure it was not supposed to be so dry.

The apple strudel was rated “ok-good” by a true strudel connoisseur, but the raspberry strudel was something completely new to our tastes, and it was a pleasant dessert. In both cases, however, the pastry was maybe not crunchy enough…

Last, but surely not least, the Gerstner Cake. My dessert.

Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.

A pleasure of the senses, a French kiss under form of a piece of cake.

The Gerstner Cake is (obviously!) the specialty in this konditorei, and it’s worth all 3.10€ it costs.

If you have the chance to visit Gerstner, don’t think you have to get a strudel just because you’re in Vienna, get a Gerstner!

The complete choice of cakes included the poppy-seed pie, various tarts, nut cake, the Linzer Torte, the Kardinalschnitte, the “Haustorte” (lit: cake of the house), and the favorite dessert of Kaiser Franz: some sort of vanilla foam cuts with syrup.

The variety was satisfactory, the taste of the cakes very good, the service impeccable, the prices affordable, and the location simply perfect. I couldn’t do anything else but recommend a visit to Gerstner in Kärtnerstrasse 15, Vienna.

The opening times vary depending on seasons and days, therefore you should check the sign on the window.

For further information about Gerstner Imperial Hospitality Group, visit: http://www.gerstner.at/.

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