Notting Hill on a foggy day

The life of a freelance journalist is not easy. I spent most of my weekend in the radio studio, especially yesterday, updating stories about the tragic Russian plane crash in the Sinai peninsula.

However, a very dear friend of mine gave me a book just a few days back – she put a sign at a certain chapter, and said “that is for you”.

I read the chapter, with a very sceptical mind, but I still decided to follow what the author suggested. By investing minimal effort in fighting one’s own feelings, the author claims that not only one will feel happier, but achievements will come easier.

In a moment like this, I’m giving a go at alternative strategies to figure out at least parts of my life.

For the second day in a row, I allowed feelings and thoughts to flow in and out of my head. I never felt angry or unhappy. Not even the nostalgic feelings lasted too long, when thinking of what I was up to a year ago.

In an attempt to get closer to my true wishes, once I finished working today, I decided that the foggy London weather could not stop me. I needed to spend some time walking and enjoying the street life.

Notting Hill, with the cold, grey-ish weather seemed – for some reason – a good choice.

A short tube ride away from my office, here I was, crossing the doorstep of the Notting Hill Bookshop. Yes, the one from the movie featuring Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts.


I had never been there before, but I never say no to visiting a good bookshop. I wasn’t very impressed at the selection of travel books, to be honest, but I dropped my ear to a conversation the bookseller was having with an Argentinian customer, and her kindness and genuine interest in the man’s stories made me feel welcome and at ease in the tiny space.

She even allowed him to go behind the counter while she took a picture of him giving his best impersonation of a very confident Hugh Grant.

Not discouraged by the cold that I believe attempted to freeze my fingers, I took a long stroll around the area, enjoying every bit of it, from the colourful houses in Portobello Road, to the luxurious interiors I had the chance to see further towards Notting Hill Gate.

I tried to resist eating a crepe with Nutella, but then I told myself I should just embrace life and forget about eating healthy for one day.


I hadn’t felt this good in a while, and I hope it keeps going this way. I’m sure I’m a step closer to understanding what I want, but I still need time… and more walks in the cold, foggy weather.



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